Bowden-Direct Drive

Get the most out of your Tumaker Pro Dual 3D printer with a combination of independent Bowden-Direct Drive heads. This revolutionary 3D printer from TUMAKER offers maximum performance and reliability for a wide range of applications. Operating with both a Direct Drive and a Bowden head opens up a wide range of 3D creation possibilities. The Direct Drive and its ability to handle flexible filament is matched by the speed and high precision of the Bowden.

Versatility and efficiency

The Tumaker Pro DUAL Bowden-Direct Drive 3D Printer offers different printing possibilities:

  • Simultaneous production: Mirror printing, creating two parts at the same time, one with each head.
  • Dual head production: Alternating colours or materials for the manufacture of the part. It is possible to use soluble materials for the support.
  • Single-head production: Printing like a single-head printer.