Dual Direct Drive HR-Direct Drive HR

Here we have the Tumaker Pro Dual 3D printer with two independent Direct Drive HR-Direct Drive HR extruder. A 3D printer that possesses the qualities of a TUMAKER product: robustness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in all its applications. The use of independent printheads in a 3D printer opens up a world of possibilities that is unique in the industry. With two Direct Drive HR extruder , you can achieve a higher print volume in a shorter time and with high precision.

Productivity, versatility and efficiency

Its Direct Drive HR traction heads allow the use of reels of up to 10 kg. A system that improves the quality of prints on rigid materials.

The Tumaker Pro DUAL Direct Drive HR-Direct Drive HR 3D Printer offers different printing possibilities:

  • Single-head production: Printing as a single-head printer.
  • Dual head production: Alternating colours or materials for the manufacture of the part. Soluble materials can be used for the substrate.
  • Simultaneous production: Mirror printing, creating two parts at the same time, one with each head.