• Capable of printing using different materials
• Print during thousands of hours with little maintenaince even within harsh environments
• Manufactured in Spain, with parts and processes of high quality
• If it is not connected, it is not industry 4.0
• Improvement of processes
• Remote and distributed manufacturing, and object’s transport in real time
• Capable of creating different solutions to meet multiple needs
• Response modules
• Dispense with the accesory and focus on the essential
• Competitive and affordable products
• Option to enhance the offering expanding its functionalities
• With Tumaker you do more, and you do better
• All the above features result in a greater productivity
• Our goal is that our customers get the most out of our technology
On demand
• Besides the standar option, we offer the first solution for 3D professional printers à la carte
• With the modular concept, you will be able to define how you want your additive manufacturing platform and therefore respond to future challenges

Software Simplify 3D logo

• The printers include a licence for the most advanced 3D printing software

• Indart3D provide its customers a specific profile for each of its 3D printer models

• With the best software you will get the best outcome. Easy, simple and intuitive