Indart 3D

We are Indart3D, a cooperative boosted by two young enterpreneurs dedicated to the design, manufacturing and sale of state-of-the-art 3D printers

3D Printers

We design and manufacture 3D printers using the latest technology available in the market


We have the materials needed to provide you with the best printing experience

3D Services

We custom print, scan and teach. What you need when you need it.

Mission & Vision

Changing the future of the printers

3D Printing is changing the industrial market. We invest part of our work in research and development to fullfil the needs of the 4.0 generation industries.

Printing services

Do you want to send us a design and discover the potential and benefit of our technology for your company? You need a prototype, a personalized gift, a model…

Scanning services

Do you need to get the digitized 3D design of an object? With our scanning service we will help you replicate it when you need it.

3D Training

Want to learn about additive manufacturing? We can offer tailored courses, for all types of levels and with different options, we adapt to what you need.


Join the Industry 4.0

Innovation is part of our philosophy. Continuous development too. They are the two pillars of the new era in technology that we are living in and of which we are a part. And training is the foundation. At INDART 3D we have extensive experience in this field. Ask for a free quote to receive the training that will boost your company.


What can we do for you?

3D Prints

We print using the best materials and latest technology so that the result is of the highest quality.


3D Scans

Scanning a part is no longer a problem. We scan the parts you need, using a high resolution process.


Research & Development

We collaborate and carry out R&D projects. If you need to try new materials or parts, we can do it for you.

Tailored printers

We manufacture printers with the specifications you need. We have extensive experience that places us as one of the best 3D printer companies on the market.

Hardware & Software Training

Do you want to learn how to mount, perform maintenance or repair? Interested in a tailor-made course on 3D printing software configuration? Our best technicians will be happy to help you..

Excellence in after-sales service

We have achieved excellence in our customer service. We provide support throughout the process: from initial advice to incident resolution with the 3D printer.

Research & Development

Given the importance of R&D, we offer our clients the possibility to collaborate and manage different projects with our best technicians and 3D experts.

You have a special material and you need to test if it’s extrudable?

You are looking for a printer with specific developments: Size, heads, syringes…

Any questions, we will be happy to help you.

The Indart3D team is at your disposal.

News & News…letters

Stay tuned

Receiving the latest market news is essential to not be left behind. We will send you the most relevant innovations of our printers that always remain at the forefront of technology.


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