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We are manufacturers of Tumaker 3D printers.

We are Indart3D, a cooperative set up by young enterpreneurs who design, manufacture and sell state-of-the-art 3D printers

Actually, we are much more: Indart3D offers you the opportunity to be a step ahead from your competitors: the revolution of additive manufacturing has changed the way we do almost everything and it will evolve even more. For that reason, enterprises and industries will require technology, services and solutions tailored to their needs, accurate and professionalized. And that is our expertise.

Services we provide:

  • Tumaker printers
  • Manteinance service
  • Sales of filaments and consumables
  • 3D Printing service
  • Training

Our added value: our experience

We have more than six years of experience in this industry and our motivation is a mixture of enthusiasm and knowledge. We have gone through the complex process of introducing a technology that was unknown up until recently, which has made us pioneers in the 3D printing industry; we have also introduced the advantages of 3D printing to a corporate fabric completely oblivious, almost at the same time they were getting to know the additive manufacturing. Now, six years later, and thanks to our demonstrated experience, we are ahead of any competitor.

Before creating Indart3D, we were part of a local start up in Gipuzkoa (Basque Country) that became one of the most experienced Basque companies in the 3D manufacturing business. A key company that led the Industry 4.0 revolution around us.

In the same way we were co-creators of the first 3D professional printer designed and manufactured in Spain, and following the so well received printer
and its technology, with the goal of meeting the demand of large-format 3D printers later on, we took part in the development of the BigFoot 3D printer, whose emergence in the market meant a little earthquake, soon becoming the first most sold large-format 3D printer in our country.