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Printer configuration upgrade

Upload system config

Before uploading, rename your config.g: config_date_.g

Without unzipping the file, upload Sistema_XXXXXXX.zip

Before uploading Macros and Filaments

Delete the previous files

               Option  1

                              Macros: Delete the files inside the folder to be able to delete it.

                              Filamentos: Delete one by one all the filaments

               Option 2

                              Go to console and send the command M586 P1 S1

In your computer, go to the ftp://XXX.XXX.X.XXX (X= is your IP)

Delete the files of the filament and macros folders  (don´t delete the folders that appears in the picture)

Reset the machine

Upload filaments and macros

Upload the files in the filament and macros part.

Be careful

Check this parameters in your previous confi.g and correct them into the new one.

;Preferencias generales

               Check if you have M551 activated

; ElectrónicasDuet Ethernet (solo para electrónicas con Ethernet)

               Only if your motherboard is Ethernet, check them and put the same

; Controladores

               Check all the commands M569 and put he “S” parameter as in your config

               Check M906 and put he same parameters in the new config.

;  Limites del eje

               Put the same parameters in the new config

; Finales de carrera (Only dual printers)

               Keep your P parameter from your config in M574 U2e

               Keep your C parameter from your config in M950

; Calentadores

               Check it only if your printer has thermocouple, you should remove the “;” to termistor from thermocouple.

M308 S1 P”e0temp” Y”thermistor” R4700 T100000 B3950 A”HEATER”

               ;M308 S1 P”spi.cs1″ Y”thermocouple-max31856″ A”HEATER”

; Herramientas

               Only dual printers. Keep the same parameters in Y and U axis

; Siempre al final

               Remove “;” from G29 S1 if you want to have the height map activated always.