The new NX Pro offers the best printing area of its category. It mantains its mythical robustness and functionality under the most challenging conditions with the minimum manteinance required. Its connectivity along with its unique details, makes it one of the best 3D FDM printers for professional fields at an unprecedented cost.


The all-rounder among the 3D printers

More robust and functional to make the most out of your printing experience even under the most demanding conditions. With the improvements of its design that provide the printer with a rigidity up to 25% greater than the previous model, new elements more durable that require a minimum maintenance, and the technology that allows printing almost any material developed for 3D printing, the NX Pro is the 4×4 of the 3D printing. No land can stand against it.

A4+ printing area

297x230y200z. Surpassing the A4 size, the new NX Pro reaches a striking printing volume of 13.662 cm in total so you can print prototypes and end-use parts without falling short. The new NX Pro is the 3D printer with the best size and printing area ratio in the market.

Double traction and filament’s sensor

NX Pro is the only 3D printer of its category with double traction. The two extruders EMAXX2 from Tumaker provides a higher tractive force strategically distributed, making it possible to work with large-format spools with total guarantee. With the large-format spools, you will increase your productivity avoiding up to 8 changes of filament. Besides, the set includes a sensor that detects if the filament has run out and it will stop printing in an orderly and automatic manner until the user loads the new filament and authorizes the resumption of the work.

Connected for team working

At Indart3D we are clear, if it is not connected, it is not Industry 4.0. Thanks to its print bed DUET, you can share the NX Pro with your network without complications and manage the resources for manufacturing.

Always print as on the first day

NX Pro mantains the versatility from its previous models thanks to the possibilities provided by its nozzles of different diameters. But best of all is that with the printer NX Pro you can enjoy 3D printing during thousands of hours thanks to the ultra-fast ANS system for nozzle change. Besides, if we combine it with components manufactured and assembled in Europe, you will enjoy a quality and endurance that maximizes your productivity with low maintenance. Always printing as on the first day.

Professional software to do more and better

Tumaker 3D printing stations Tumaker include Simplify3D ™, the suite for professional manufacturing. A software with advanced features optimized to create more complex prints with more quality. It includes a powerful simulator to make you more productive, visualizing the results of the printing strategy you are working on before starting to manufacture. You will be able to fix the designs imported by using Simplify3D™ and you will love the option Smart Support. A spectacular functionality with which the software will create the appropriate support for the most complex parts of the print or it will allow you to add or remove supports where you want or how you want them. Supports are so easy to remove that you will not want to use any another ones, ever.