NX Pro Pellets 3D printer. Pellet is the original format of the plastic. A material in the form of pellet, or equivalently, small plastic fragments of the size of a grain of rice. The material filamented for 3D printing is relatively limited to a very few options. To manufacture with a wider range of materials, we have developed an extrusion system that allows printing directly with pellet, resulting in many advantages.

Our new technology promises to bring the benefits of the 3D printing to more areas and sectors thanks to the possibility of working with more materials or with materials homologated by sectors and industries, thus offering a faster manufacturing that benefits the productivity of the company with a significant cost reduction in most cases.

Pellet Printer Zoom

Manufacture with a wider range of materials homologated for your sector

Nx Pro Pellets 3D printer, is the perfect complement to work with those materials that do not exist in the filament format. To filament a material it is necessary to have a specific amount of grams, otherwise the process is not possible. This has reduced the amount of materials with which it has been possible to print in 3D up to date, either for its high cost or its scarce amount available. However, 3D printing with materials of low weight is now possible thanks to Indart3D technology.  

Technician filling the printer with pellets

Increase productivity avoiding tedious and costly spool changes 

Printing using pellets automates the process. Although there are different spool sizes (from 750g to 5 and a half kg), the print of a large part requires the consumption of several units, being necessary to pause the print to change the filament. This has a negative impact on the productivity of the company due to the increase the manufacturing timing of each part. Besides, it requires the attention of a specialist technician.


Printer volume: (x) 270mm (y) 190mm (z) 200mm
Printer size: (x) 450mm (y) 410mm (z) 410mm
Packet size: (x) 500mm (y) 500mm (z) 610mm
Packet weight: 26 kg
Printer weight: 24 kg
Nozzle diameter: 0.8
Nozzle temperature: 180º – 350º
Nozzle heating time: 20ºC: 200ºC – 1’15” / 250ºC  1’50” / 300ºC – 2’35”
Minimum layer height: 20μm
Maximum layer height: 60μm 
Smart energy management: Yes
Power level: 500W
Noise level: 44dB (locked door, 40dB)
Hot bed: 45º – 150º
Bed levelling: Manual
Room temperature for printing: 10ºC – 35ºC (optimal, 20ºC)
Room temperature without printing: 5ºC – 45ºC

Connected to internet: Yes 
Connectivity: USB, Wifi
Screen: Yes
Control devices: PC, Tablet, Smartphone
Control Mode: Web

1 year limited warranty
Professional Software Simplify3D™