The 3D large-format printer most sold in Spain. Now with awsome new features. Major companies in Spain have already incorporated the Tumaker BigFoot 3D printers to their systems, achieving improvements in productivity, flexibility, autonomy and great cost savings. With Tumaker BigFoot you have the power to create big geometries at a cost never imagined before.


As large as affordable

The success of the 3D Tumaker BigFoot printing stations lies in the ability to create big prints including all the software and hardware needed for your additive manufacturing processes. Fully integrated and optimized so you do not have to worry about anything. This way you can use your time productively and dedicate your effort to what is most important. You can choose among the BigFoot three different sizes. The three models share the capability of manufacturing at 500 mm in the X and Y axis, making the difference in their height, being able to choose among a big size of 200 mm, a bigger size of 350 mm or the biggest one of 500 mm.

Great details of pure performance

Your productivity is our goal. And with the new BigFoot we take one more twist. Its high-speed head heating, up to 250% faster. Its high-speed ball screws. New aluminium profiles structure of 45 mm. New double extruder Tumaker E-MAXX 2 to traction XXL spools between 5 and 12 kgr guaranteed and fluent, ensuring manufacturing geometries for as long as they last. All these features within a secure environment thanks to the top and front door with a safety lock. We have thought about its size as well. We have adjusted it to the maximum to mantain a high printing volume within the minimum possible room so it integrates into any environment smoothly, from small or medium offices to industrial plants.

High performance details that matter

If you are looking for low cost technology, Tumaker products are not for you. If you are looking for a printing platform that is productive, connected, robust and modular, we do have the best for you. It is not by chance. It is our original philosohy. This is why we manufacture in Spain.

We work with the more consolidated and qualified industrial suppliers. Tumaker BigFoot printers include the best professional software in the world to create your manufacturing strategies. All the traction system for the manufacturing platform is made of high-speed ball screws. We have innovated with the Tumaker Dart Flux Head which has a variable diameter, the system Tumaker ANS for you to always print as on the first day, or the new generation extruders Tumaker EMAXX with a colossal force for moving any filament spool.

Innovations with the unique goal to create machines for companies where the performance, productivity, service and innovation have been the key to their success.

Professional software to do more and better

Tumaker 3D printing stations include Simplify3D™, the suite for professional manufacturing. A software with advanced features optimized to create more complex prints with more quality. It includes a powerful simulator to make you more productive, visualizing the results of the printing strategy you are working on before starting to manufacture. You will be able to fix the designs imported by using Simplify3D™ and you will love the option Smart Support. A spectacular functionality with which the software will create the appropriate support for the most complex parts of the print or it will allow you to add or remove supports where you want or how you want them. Supports that are so easy to remove that you will not want to use any another ones, ever.